The Adventures of the Scrabble People in A Pumpkin Full of Nonsense (sometimes shortened to A Pumpkin Full of Nonsense) is an animated television special that first aired in the United States in syndication on October 31, 1985.


Sir Scrabble, a resident of a magical town known as Nonsense, follows a boy named Tad and a girl named Terry on the way to a Halloween party. Coming across a pumpkin patch, they stumble upon an enormous pumpkin and land right into the town. There, they discover that the signs nearby have missing or scrambled letters. As it turns out, a nemesis called the Muddler—"Baron of Bad Guys, Count of Confusion, Earl of Errors and King of Chaos" as he is dubbed—has rid the land of all education and vowels. This has greatly oppressed the Scrabble People, a group of youngsters who live there.

Sir Scrabble insists on teaching the alphabet to Nonsense's residents, but the Muddler imprisons him for that; this satisfies Rotunda, the evil ruler's daughter. The town-dwellers' learning and spelling skills, along with a teacher named Lexa—the area's only literate resident—come to Sir Scrabble's rescue and set him free. They and the human visitors eventually defeat the Muddler, and Nonsense is eventually renamed Makesense. Afterward, Tad, Terry and Mr. Scrabble head over to their party.

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