"Nobody's Ghoul" is the fifth episode of the second season of The Deputy Dawg Show. It originally aired on CBS on November 3, 1962. It was also released theatrically on the same day.


The episode opens with Muskie and Vincent Van Gopher out by a lake fishing for Catfish. When suddenly, a ghost pops in and scares them both. They run straight for the sheriff's office, and meet up with Deputy Dawg. Dawg asks them what's wrong, saying that they both look like they saw a ghost. Dawg finds out that they did when the ghost takes his chair out from under him and scares him. All three of them run for their lives, passing straight through Knox County, and hide in a cave.

However, the ghost finds them and scares them out. They all head back to the sheriff's office and hide, but Dawg gets involuntarily chosen to be the one to arrest the ghost. But that proves to be difficult, since the ghost can phase through solid objects. So, Deputy Dawg decides to use a vacuum cleaner to trap the ghost so he can lock him up. However, the ghost phases through it as well, and locks Dawg in the cell.

After talking to his friends through the cell window, Deputy Dawg gets an idea, his plan is to use psychology on the ghost. So, Dawg manages to fool the ghost into heading north and scaring the people in New York instead of southern folks, since the ghost says that he was born and raised in the south. The ghost happily agrees, but tells Deputy Dawg to look after his ghost family while he's away. Dawg can't believe his ears, while the ghost's family appears, the two kids scare Vincent and Muskie, while the mom hangs around in the sheriff's office.


  • Much like in the Popeye episode "Ghost Host", the ghost in this episode and in the Deputy Dawg episode "Just Ghost 't Show You" speaks in 60's slang, but mixed with a small bit of early southern vocabulary.
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