This article is about the 1956 animated short. For the 1975 episode of The new Tom and Jerry Show, see The New Tom and Jerry Show: The Flying Sorceress

The Flying Sorceress is a color Tom and Jerry cartoon that was released on January 27, 1956.


After chasing after Jerry the mouse, Tom the cat gets punished by his owner for breaking something while doing so. She then orders him to clean up the vase he destroyed. Tom soon looks at the newspaper and sees an ad for a cat needed as a companion for an old lady. But when Tom arrives at the home of the kind elderly citizen, he discovers the house to be much more creepy than he thought. He also soon learns that the "old lady" is a witch.

The witch tells Tom that she needs him to ride on her broom with her. So Tom grabs onto the back of the broom, and away they fly. During the flight, Tom notices a graveyard, and several of the graves belong to the witch's former cats, and one is open for Tom should he not be able to make it. However, Tom does manage to hang on until the end of the ride. The witch gives him the job, and tells him that his sleeping area is in a coffin. Tom panics even more, and decides to leave.

So, Tom grabs the witch's broom, and flies back home to his old life. Tom's owner scolds him for being gone, and to make matters worse, the witch punishes Tom for stealing her broom.


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