The Funky Phantom is an American cartoon seriesthat originally aired on ABC. It originally aired between September 11, 1971 and September 2, 1972 for one season, with 17 episodes.


Trying to find shelter from a storm while driving their "Looney Duney" Dune Buggy, three teenagers, the brainy redhead Skip Gilroy, the blonde beauty April Stewart, and Skip's brawny, dark-haired brother Augie Anderson, and their dog Elmo, entered an old house where a grandfather clock displayed the incorrect time. Upon setting the clock to midnight, it released two Revolutionary War-era ghosts: an American patriot ghost named Jonathan Wellington "Muddy" Muddlemore and his cat, whom he had trained to respond to the name of Boo. The two explained that, during the Revolutionary War, they had stumbled upon two Redcoats and ended up hiding inside the clock, but also that they then were unable to get out of the clock and eventually died inside. Ever since being freed by their new friends, Mudsy and Boo have accompanied them on many mysteries, always giving them an invisible helping hand.


  1. Don't Fool With a Phantom
  2. Heir Scare
  3. I'll Haunt You Later
  4. Who's Chicken
  5. The Headless Horseman
  6. Spirit Spooked
  7. Ghost Town Ghost
  8. We Saw a Sea Serpent
  9. Haunt in Inn
  10. Mudsy Joins the Circus
  11. Pigskin Predicament
  12. The Liberty Bell Caper
  13. April's Foolish Day
  14. The Forest's Prime-Evil
  15. The Hairy Scary Houndman
  16. Mudsy and Muddlemore Manor
  17. Ghost Grabbers

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