"The Glob" is the third episode of the second season of The Gumby Show. It first aired on January 15, 1960.


The episode opens with Gumby inside an art studio, when Pokey comes in with two ice creams, one for each of them. Pokey wishes Gumby never got interested in being a sculptor, because he never goes out to play and have adventures. However, Gumby says that being a sculptor is both fun and full of surprises. Speaking of surprises, a glob of clay suddenly grows an eye, attracts the attention of a frightened Pokey, grows another eye and then a mouth full of sharp teeth. Gumby notices too, and they both leave the art studio, and the book it is in as the glob monster gives chase.

Gumby and Pokey are not safe yet, however, because the monster continues to follow them, that is until a tall block tips over and lands on top of it, squishing it flat. Thinking that the monster is finished, the two friends look around for some toys to play with. But, the Glob proves that it cannot be beaten so easily. Gumby tries firing a missile at it, but even that proves ineffective. Pokey then suggests getting Marshal Dill Pickle to help, and they head for Pokey's book, with the Glob following. However, Marshal Dill Pickle is not in his office.

Pokey then remembers that it must be time for the morning goody break, meaning that the Marshal must be in one of the town bars. The thing is, they have no time to search them all, because the Glob has come to town. Gumby calls out for Marshal Dill Pickle, who comes out of a bar with an ice cream cone in hand. The Marshal asks what is wrong, and Pokey tells and shows him the problem. While Gumby and Pokey hide, Marshal Dill Pickle warns the monster to get out of town or he'll shoot. The monster charges forward, the Marshal fires, and is seemingly eaten by the monster, but is still heard firing his gun. Gumby then notices that the Glob spat out the Marshal, but ate his ice cream cone. Gumby then realizes that all the Glob wanted was some ice cream, so the two friends help the Glob out.


  • The beginning of the episode is featured in the beginning of "Gumby: The Movie".
  • The music during the title sequence would be used years later for the 1960s cult zombie film, George A. Romero's "Night of the Living Dead."
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