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The Haunted is a TV series about animals being able to sense hauntings and other kinds of paranormal activity. It was advertised as "Chronicles true, chilling and terrifying stories of animals and their owners who are experiencing the unexplainable". It first aired on the channel Animal Planet in 2009, following Fatal Attractions. Itran for three seasons. The reason that the series did not have a long run was largely due to complaints that its contents were fake. In spite of this complaint, the first episode "Lost Souls of the Asylum" received quite good ratings. Each episode had a different director.

Lost Souls of the Asylum

The owners of a small business investigate strange occurences in their office which lead them to belive it's haunted by tormented souls.

The Curse of the Candle Shoppe

A business owner is terrified by the disembodied sounds of test animals, and learns their building once housed simian experimental test subjects.

Murder at the Black Horse

A family gets more then bargained for when they move into a new home which was a location of a gangster's murder.

Coven of the Cat

A family calls for help from when frightened by frequent paranormal occurrences in their home.

The Ghost Box Prophecies

Rookie paranormal investers visit an abandoned hospital. But when something dark seems to follow them home, the famiy calls for help from experienced investigators. During the investigation, they recive what seems to be warnings about future harm that is going to come to the family and it's pets.

Terror at Maple Dale Farm

Paranormal reasearchers are called into the case when a family experiences some strange, inexplicable activity in their barn, including horses being switching stalls and disembodied voices.

Demon House

A couple search for help when they suspect that their centries year old home is haunted by a dark force that wants to hurt them and their pets.

The Possession of Cassie

When a family moves into a new house, their dog begins to act strangely, making them wonder if their is something paranormal happening. But when the inhabitants themselves become affected, they call for help from a local paranormal investigation team.

Leave House

A family claims their home in Indiana is haunted by a spirit of a former resident, a civil war soldier.

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