The Haunted House is a black and white Mickey Mouse short film released to theaters on December 2, 1929.


On a dark and stormy night, Mickey must find shelter from the weather, and soon finds it, in the form of an old house. Mickey soon realizes after stepping inside that the house is haunted. After getting stuck in the dark, Mickey spots his shadow leaping off the wall and forming into something else. Mickey runs, but soon finds himself trapped, and discovers that his shadow is the lead ghoul of the house, and its skeleton friends are inside with it. The leader then tells Mickey to play the piano so it and the skeletons can dance, which he does, though reluctantly. When the music stops, Mickey tries to sneak away, but the ghouls spot him and he runs for it. Mickey finally escapes by jumping out of the window, down into the backyard, and running into the distance.

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