The Haunted Mouse is a black and white Looney Tunes cartoon that was released to theaters on February 15, 1941.


The short opens with a hungry cat walking through the desert, until he comes across that says "Ma's Place/Home Cooking/3 Miles." Excited, the cat, which looks quite similar to Sylvester, rushes for the place. He soon arrives in town, unaware that the sign says "Ghost Town/Population: 100 Ghosts". The cat soon enters Ma's Place, and starts searching for food. However, he soon meets a resident ghost mouse who seems to be eager to get his revenge on cats for having being tormented by them in life. After multiple attempts at harassing the cat, the unfortunate feline falls out a window, crashing down below with a really hard thud. The ghost mouse seems pleased, that is until he finds that the cat's ghost has risen to meet him. The ghost mouse, shocked at the sight of the ghost cat, grabs his things and leaves town in horror.


  • This is the first one-shot Looney Tunes cartoon ever made.
  • Though the cat in the cartoon bares striking similarities, he is not Sylvester the Cat from the Tweety cartoons.
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