The Invisible Mouse is a color Tom and Jerry cartoon that was released to theaters on September 27, 1947. It is inspired by the 1897 novel The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells and its 1933 movie adaptation.


The short opens with Tom trying to, again, get rid of Jerry. After the usual cat and mouse antics, Jerry finds that his legs are gone. He soon realizes that he jumped into a bottle of invisible ink while hiding from Tom. Jerry gets an idea and decides to make his whole body invisible so that he can torture Tom. After jumping into the bottle, Jerry proceeds to make Tom wonder what's going on. After an incident involving an electrical socket, Tom is starting to think that he might be getting ill, and he's hallucinating. However, Jerry uses a pack of matches to both give Tom a hotfoot, and show him that he is not hallucinating. However, Tom soon catches on to Jerry's little plan. After a couple of failed attempts to get the invisible mouse, Jerry whacks Butch the dog on the head with a golf club, and gives the club to Tom so that he can take the fall. Butch proceeds to attack Tom with the club all the way out of the front yard and into the neighborhood, while Jerry enjoys some chocolate milk, which makes him visible again.

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