The Mad Doctor is a black and white Mickey Mouse cartoon that was released to theaters on January 20, 1933.


The short opens on a dark and stormy night, and Mickey is asleep. Soon, he is woken by the sound of his dog Pluto in distress. He goes outside to find Pluto gone and some footprints leading away from his doghouse, indicating that he was dog-napped. Mickey follows the footprints all the way to the castle home of a man named Dr. XXX. Once he enters, he begins searching around the spooky castle for his dog. Meanwhile, the cloaked figure who dog-napped Pluto reveals himself as Dr. XXX himself. The madman reveals his plan; to put Pluto's head on a chicken's body so that way when the new creature lays an egg, he can find out what sound the offspring will make. Mickey hears Pluto howling in terror, and rushes to save him, going past skeletons and a skeleton spider. Mickey finally locates where Pluto's howling is coming from, but ends up getting strapped down to a gurney of sorts. The Mad Doctor then brings down a circular buzz saw so he can cut Mickey in half, but just before Mickey's about to get cut in half, it is revealed that it was all just a dream, and the buzzing of the saw blade was actually a fly. Mickey then wakes up and calls for Pluto, who responds by jumping through the window of Mickey's bedroom still attached to his doghouse by a chain.


  • In the sequence where Mickey is exploring the castle, the same tracking shot from the Silly Symphony Egyptian Melodies is used, though in a much shortened form, as the viewers follow Mickey.
  • The Mad Doctor would later be seen on the cover art and as the boss of the second level of the video game Mickey Mania: The Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse and the entire second level would be based on the short.
  • The Mad Doctor would later appear as an antagonist in the video game Epic Mickey and later appear as the main antagonist of the sequel game, Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two.
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