Halloween the middle

Brick hanging out with the only person who gets his costume.

"Halloween" is a Halloween-themed episode of the American TV comedy series The Middle. It first aired on ABC in the United States October 27, 2010.


It is near Halloween and every member in the Heck family has their own plans. Axl plans to go to the haunted house with some friends and girls, Sue plans to go to the Halloween dance with a boy who she thinks likes her, and Mike and Frankie plan to go to a Halloween party. But Sue's plans are spoiled when she finds out the boy does not like her and she ends up going to a hay ride. Axl never makes it to the haunted house because of a flat tire. But Brick seems to find someone who understands him. On the hay ride, Sue's night is made when she has her first kiss, but Axl fails to get his first kiss and his night is ruined.

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