"Witch Switch" is an episode of The New Adventures of Pinocchio. It originally aired in 1961.


The episode opens with the narrator explaining to the audience that Pinocchio and Cricket are watching a TV ghost show in the house of a witch named Zazabelle. The narrator explains the plot of the show that the three are watching and wonders what Pinocchio and Cricket thought of it. Zazabelle soon tells the two that the zombies that they saw on TV were real, and shows them proof through the magic mirror. Through the mirror, they spot the Zombies, Zachary and Zelda, but also witness them have an argument and end their partnership. Zazabelle wonders where Zachary is going to find another witch like Zelda.

Pinocchio suggests that Zazabelle should take over. Even Cricket thinks its a good idea. So, they head over to Zachary's dressing room and Zaz shows off her powers, including making smoke come out of her ears, lying on air, and turning herself into a cat. She also reveals that she can split herself in two. However, Zelda returns. Though Zaz is disappointed, Pinocchio and Cricket compliment her to make her feel better. And so, they teleport back to Zaz's house as the episode ends.

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