The New Archie and Sabrina Hour (advertised as The Archie-Sabrina Show) is the seventh and final animated series featuring Archie Comics characters under the Filmation banner. The series aired between September 10-December 3, 1977 on NBC for one season with thirteen episodes, with three segments per episode, one Archie segment, one Sabrina the Teenage Witch segment, and one with both Archie and Sabrina, with two songs separating each segment. Low ratings, however, caused the hour long format to be shelved, and cause the show to be divided into separate thirty minute shows: The Bang-Shang Lollapalooza Show, which featured Archie's gang solving mysteries around Riverdale, and Super Witch, which featured Sabrina solving mysteries using her powers. Each show featured one song per episode. The low ratings continued, however, and all three shows were gone by the spring of 1978—thus ending the Archie Comics/Filmation partnership.


  1. Chief Archie / Alter Ego / French Deception
  2. Me and My Shadow / Goolie Sitter / Dilton's Invention
  3. There Is No Place Like Outer Space / Cliché Castle / Carlos' Cool Caper
  4. A Moving Experience / Witch Picnic / The Talent Show
  5. Robert Blueford / Moose on the Loose / Weatherbee-Fuddled
  6. Tops in Cops / Pot Luck / TV Witch Watchers
  7. Track and Field / Funny Paper Caper / Chimp Gone Ape
  8. Where There Is Smoke / Teenage Grundy / Talent Test
  9. Archie's Millions / Talking Bird / All Washed Up
  10. Career Day / Merlin's Story / A Colorful Experience
  11. The Quixote Caper / Teenie the Terror / The Last Windup
  12. Pirate Key / Cartoonie Loonie / Bon Appetite
  13. On the 'Q' Tee / Party Pooper / Funhouse
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