"City Snicker" is the seventh episode of the first season of The New Casper Cartoon Show. It originally aired on ABC in 1963.


The episode opens with Casper waiting at the train station for his cousin Spooky, who's supposed to be visiting him from the city. However, it seems that Spooky didn't catch the train, and when Casper decides to wait for the next one, Spooky, turned invisible, scares Casper from behind. Casper tells Spooky that he's happy that he could come and visit him in the country, and Spooky is pleased as well, saying that he got tired of scaring the same people all the time. Soon, Spooky spots a farmer with a wheelbarrow and plans to scare him, but Casper stops him, and shows him how to be friendly, but Spooky thinks it's how a country ghost scares someone. When Casper tries to be kind to the farmer, as usual, the poor fellow runs away when he sees the little ghost.

Spooky laughs, thinking that Casper scared him intentionally, and soon spots a bear with a sickle. He tries out Casper's "style" and frightens the bear. Casper is upset, but Spooky soon spots the mailman, and tells Casper that he's gonna show him how a city ghost scares someone. Spooky asks if there's any mail for him, the mailman asks for his name, Spooky gives his name and says that he's a ghost, the mailman looks at Spooky, Spooky scares him, and the mailman runs for his life. Casper then gets an idea on how to get Spooky to stop. Casper tells Spooky that they're going to camp out in the Lonesome Forest that night, and once night falls, Spooky is enjoying himself. However, Spooky gets spooked by the noises of the wildlife, while Casper sneaks away to leave him on his own for a bit.

Spooky calls out for his country cousin, but ends up running for his afterlife after seeing and hearing things that are unfamiliar to someone from the city. Including a frog, a bull mooing, and a scarecrow that he thinks is a monster from the planet Mars. Casper, hiding behind a tree, is enjoying himself and is surprised that Spooky is such a scaredy cat. However, Casper thinks that Spooky has had enough, and reveals himself. However, Spooky gets scared of his own cousin, forgetting that he is a ghost like him, and runs up a tree. Casper soon tells him that it's only him, and Spooky is relieved, and tells Casper to never do that again. The episode ends with Casper sending Spooky back to the city, and Spooky promising that he won't scare anyone ever again, but quickly breaks that promise after boarding the train.

Casper just shrugs and tells the audience, some things just never change.

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