"Haunting License" is the third segment of the thirty-third episode of the first season of The New Hanna-Barbera Cartoon Series. It originally aired on April 15, 1963.


The episode opens with a gentleman looking to by a castle, and asks the seller how much he wants. The seller tells the buyer that he can't afford it because it costs $3,000,000. The gentleman gives the money to the seller, but he warns the buyer that the castle is haunted. But the buyer does not believe in ghosts, especially the supposed "Haunted Sword" that's inside. However, as the gentleman walks through his new castle, he spots the Haunted Sword and runs out as the sword pokes him in the hind quarters. The man who sold the castle notices what happened, and offers to buy the castle back for $50, but the new owner calls on the services of Touche Turtle and Dum Dum.

The man tells Touche to get the Haunted Sword out of the castle and he shall be rewarded with $50,000. However, Touche doesn't want the money, but Dum Dum offers to take it, but ends up getting shamed by Touche. And so, Touche and Dum Dum enter the castle and search for the Haunted Sword. Soon enough, however, the Haunted Sword pokes Dum Dum right in the hind quarters, but thinks that Touche did it. The same thing happens to Touche, so the two duel until they find out what's going on, and they do when the sword in Dum Dum's hand leaves his hand and continues to duel Touche. Touche realizes what's happening, and runs for his life while calling for Dum Dum to help.

Dum Dum uses the lid on a giant cooking pot to stop the sword, but it cuts through the floor, sending Dum Dum down through it. Touche tries to pull him up, but ends up getting chased by the Haunted Sword again. Meanwhile, Dum Dum spots the former owner of the castle operating a machine that controls the Haunted Sword, revealing that he also tricked others into buying the castle as well, just so he could buy it back cheap. Dum Dum apprehends him, and turns off the machine, thus stopping the Haunted Sword. Touche thinks he stopped it, but Dum Dum reveals what is really going on, activates the machine again, and causes the Haunted Sword to chase after Touche again. Dum Dum can't seem to switch the machine off, so Touche ends up being chased all the way off the castle grounds, while collecting his reward in the process.

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