"Which is Which Witch" is the first segment of thirteenth episode of the first season of The New Hanna-Barbera Cartoon Series. It originally aired on November 26, 1962.


The segment opens with the zoo keeper Mr. Twiddle searching for Wally Gator and asking Officer Kelly to keep an eye out for him. Once they go their separate ways, Wally Gator comes out of the manhole and heads for the forest. He soon spots a little cottage, but is unaware that a witch is living inside. The witch is mixing up a brew that requires an alligator, but she doesn't have one available. However, Wally knocks on the door, and the witch decides to use him in her brew. Wally soon learns that the witch is about to make him into alligator soup, and tries to escape through the chimney, but the witch meets him at the top and knocks him back down with her broom.

Wally manages to escape, and decides to head back to the zoo he escaped from. However, the witch rides in on her broomstick and ropes him with a lasso. Once she returns him to her cottage and drops him into her cauldron, he manages to escape again, but to no avail. Soon, the witch decides to speed up the boiling process by using a potion of some sort. The witch puts some of it on the fire, and an explosion occurs. The explosion sends Wally up into the clouds, causing the witch to go after him again. However, they both end up in a cloud and Wally winds up flying away on the witch's broom. The broom crash lands in the zoo, where Mr. Twiddle welcomes him home. However, Mr. Twiddle makes the broom take off, with him on it.

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