"Six Gun Spook" is the first segment of the fourteenth episode of the first season of The Quick Draw McGraw Show. It first aired on December 28, 1959.


The episode begins as the narrator tells the viewers about a place called The Lost Mine, and further says that one can sometimes hear a ghostly voice coming from inside. The narrator says that the ghost of Quick Draw McGraw is inside, but Baba Louie says otherwise, and explains that Quick Draw is in there because of something that happened when he was a baby. Baba explains that he was on his way to visit Quick Draw, when he encountered the Little Varmint. After getting his lollipop stolen, Quick Draw immediately got into a feud with the Little Varmint. A feud that went on through their school years, and into adulthood.

Baba tried to get him to let it die out, but Quick Draw would not. Baba then suggests setting a trap for him, using a lollipop as bait. However, the bait ends up getting stolen by the Little Varmint. This causes Quick Draw to get a permanent fix on catching the Little Varmint. Little Varmint decides to hide inside the Lost Mine, and Quick Draw follows him, against Baba Louie's advice. And Baba concludes the story by saying that ever since then, Quick Draw has been chasing the varmint inside that mine, and has been for years.

However, Quick Draw comes out of the mine with four men held at gunpoint. Specifically, the Sassafras Kid, Wildcat Willy, Shorty Snorter, and Ten Finger Charlie, plus there is a reward for every one of them being brought in. Baba asks about Little Varmint, and Quick Draw reveals he forgot about him, and heads back in after him. Baba tries to get him to stop, but then relents, saying that he can wait a few more years.

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