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The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a 1975 midnight movie, it is a horror/comedy/musical film.

Since its release, the movie has grown a cult following, and its fandom likes to watch the film around Halloween time.

The movie stars Tim Curry as Dr. Frank N. Furter.


A young couple, Janet and Brad stumble upon a castle, they go to it to use the owners phone because their car broke down, while there, they meet Dr. Frank N. Furter, a mysterious alien in the form of a transvestite, who comes from the planet Transsexual Transylvania. Later on, they discover that he created life, a monster which he calls Rocky.

Later on, Frank murders a biker named Eddie, and hides it, he then seduces both Brad and Janet.

Eddie's uncle Dr. Scott comes to the castle, and they all have dinner, but Frank reviled the body to everyone, causing Janet to flee in terror, Frank then uses a device called Medusa to turn Brad Janet, Columbia, Dr. Scott, and Rocky into statues.

Frank revives them so they can perform Don't Dream It, Be It with him on a stage that references RKO Pictures, luckily, Riff Raff, who originally served as Frank's hunchbacked butler, shows up and kills Frank, along with Columbia, and Rocky.

Now safe, Brad, Janet, and Dr. Scott flee the castle as it flies off into outer space.

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  • Time Warp - a famous dance/song featured in the movie.

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