The Skeleton Dance is a black and white sound cartoon that was released as the first installment of the Disney Silly Symphony series of shorts. It was released in theaters on August 29, 1929.


The night promises to be a scary one as lightning flashes, the wind howls, and a tree branch in the shape of a hand seems to reach out and grab an owl that spins its head like a top when frightened. The clock on the church bell tower strikes midnight, and the ringing bell sends the bats flying out of the belfry. Two cats on gravestones fight by pulling and stretching the other's whiskers (or noses) like taffy. A skeleton rises from behind the gravestone between the two cats, frightening the fur off them. But an owl's hoots scares it, and it retaliates by throwing its skull and knocking the bird's feathers off. It's time for the skeletons to dance, and they perform as no living creatures can, until the rooster crows and the sun rises, sending them running back into their graves.


  • A slightly colorized version of a clip from the short is seen in both Disney's Halloween Treat and A Disney Halloween. The Halloween Treat clip is shown with some slight orange color, and the Disney Halloween clip is shown with some slight green color.
  • The short is featured as a two-dimensional level in the video game Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two.
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