Spiderman halloween

Peter Parker claims that he is wearing a Spider-Man costume for Halloween.

"The Uncertainty Principle" is a 2008 Halloween-themed episode of the animated TV series The Spectacular Spider-Man. The action takes place on Halloween and on the night before.

Based on the superhero Spider-Man created by Marvel Comics, the show was developed for television by Greg Weisman and Victor Cook for the Kids' WB programming block known as The CW. It primarily follows both the tone and style of the original stories by Stan Lee and Steve Dikto and balances roughly the same amount action, drama and comedy, though also tends to grab material from later iterations of the series, such as pulling source material from both the film series and the Ultimate Spider-Man comics.

The show follows Peter Parker, who has been bitten by a radioactive spider to transform into the superhuman anomaly known as Spider-Man; the show begins only a matter of months after the initial bite and subsequent donning of the Spider-Man persona. He is forced to fight various villains from the comic book characters' rogue gallery.


It is Halloween Eve and Spider-Man is not fighting any villains yet so he decides to relax while he can. Up in space, Colonel John Jameson says that he is looking forward to returning to Earth to see the next generation of Halloween costumes but a giant rock damages his ship.

The next night Peter goes to the carnival and claims that he is wearing a Spider-Man costume for Halloween. Meanwhile, he finds the Green Goblin and is forced to team up with Tombstone to save Hammerhead and deafeat the Goblin. Tombstone and Hammerhead escape leaving Spider-Man to finish the Green Goblin off. The Goblin injures himself and takes off but Spider-Man finds him in the Osborne home. The Green Goblin reveals himself to be Harry Osborne, Peter having thought his father Norman Osborne was the villain.

Peter later finds out that Norman Osborne had been the Green Groblin too. He decides not to turn Harry Osborne in to the police. Harry goes to Europe to get the help he needs in order to stop taking the formula that changes him into the Green Goblin. Colonel Jameson also manages to return to Earth safely.

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