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==External links==
==External links==
*[ ''The Waltons'': "The Changeling" on the Internet Movie Database.]
*[[IMDB:tt0743707|''The Waltons'': "The Changeling" on the Internet Movie Database.]]
*[[w:c:thewaltons|The Waltons Wiki]]
*[[w:c:thewaltons|The Waltons Wiki]]

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Screenshot from the episode.

"The Changeling" is a Halloween-themed episode of the TV series The Waltons. It first aired in the United States on CBS on October 26, 1978.

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It is around Elizabeth's birthday and she is growing up, but strange things seem to happen to her that nobody else notices when Aimee tells a ghost story. Later, she is having a birthday sleepover party and the family finally realizes that she is experiencing poltergeist activity.

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