The Witch's Cat is a color Mighty Mouse cartoon that was released to theaters on September 15, 1948.


The short opens with a group of mice celebrating Halloween with a parade, apple bobbing, and dancing around a jack-o-lantern. Meanwhile, in the sky above, a witch and her cat spot the mice down below. Once the mice realize what is going on, they call Mighty Mouse for help. Mighty Mouse bursts from the moon, ready to help, but his arrival attracts the attention of the witch. In retaliation, the witch creates a brew that will poison Mighty Mouse. Once she sprays the heroic rodent with the brew vi an atomizer, Mighty Mouse ends up going to dreamland. So, the witch and her cat gather up the mice, but once Mighty Mouse floats under a rain cloud and washes the poison away, he makes short work of both the witch and the witch's cat. In fact, Mighty Mouse knocks them so hard that they end up in the Big Dipper constellation. Afterwards, Mighty Mouse joins the Halloween celebration.

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