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The film's poster.

The Witches of Eastwick is a 1987 witch movie, the film stars Jack Nicholson, Cher, Susan Sarandon, and Michelle Pfeiffer.


A demon named Daryl Van Horne comes to Eastwick, and these three women, Alex, Jane, and Sukie, are very fascinated with him.

While they stay with him, Daryl teaches the women magic. They think he made them witches, but it turns out they were always witches, and every time they hung out after work, they were actually performing a coven.

The three women have a good time with Daryl, until a woman name Felicia tells the towns people about the evil that is going on at his mansion, in the process, this turns the three women into outcasts, so Daryl performs a spell, everytime when one of the women spit out a cherry pit, it comes out of Felicia's mouth, her husband murders her later on.

Alex, Sukie, and Jane know they're responsible, and they decide not to see Daryl anymore, this gets Daryl mad, and he uses his powers to bring the three women's worst nightmares a reality, Alex later convinces Daryl to lift the curse, and the three women stay the night at his mansion.

The next morning while Daryl heads into town, Alex, Jane, and Sukie make a voodoo doll in order to get Daryl to leave Eastwick, this plan fails, and he returns to the mansion in his demon form, They through the voodoo doll in fire, causing Daryl to disappear.

Eighteen months later, Alex, Jane, and Sookie are raising their new born babies in Daryl's mansion.

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