"Spook-a-Nanny" is the third segment of an episode of The Woody Woodpecker Show. It's the only original cartoon made for the show, and it originally aired in October of 1964.


The segment opens on Halloween night with Woody walking down a path wearing a Ghost costume, planning to scare people with it. He tries to scare an owl, but fails. Meanwhile, at an old house, other Walter Lantz cartoon characters are getting ready for a Halloween party, including Chilly Willy the Penguin and Smedley the Dog, Buzz Buzzard, Cuddles the Great Dane, Homer Pigeon, Woody's niece and nephew Knothead and Splinter, Wally Walrus, Space Mouse, and Sugarfoot the Horse. Smedley soon spots Woody through a window and tells everyone to get ready for his arrival. Woody knocks and rings the doorbell multiple times, but the gang inside decide to play tricks on him. Woody decides to push the door in, but the door opens before he can push it in and Woody ends up going out the back door and down the steps and into a garbage can.

Suddenly, Woody spots some ghosts (that obviously look like the most popular band in the 60's, the Beetles) playing guitars and a mandolin while walking in synchronization. Woody hides, but soon takes the smallest ghost's sheet, hair and mandolin and makes himself look like one of them in order to scare the others. The plan works, until the other ghosts go through a wall and Woody doesn't. Chilly looks and sees the ghosts aren't in the order they were in originally, grabs a giant mallet, and hammers each one of them until he finds the odd one out. Woody reveals himself, bringing relief to everyone in the house, and they all tell him he's just in time for the party. Smedley tells him that they're going to do a dance called The Spook-a-Nanny, and Woody heads to the piano and plays music. The episode ends with Woody scaring the audience as the music ends.

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