The They Live Alien Hillary Clinton Mask is a scary mask to wear for Halloween. Officially licensed by Universal Studios, the mask was sculpted by Russ Lukich of Trick or Treat Studios and it is manufactured by Distortions Unlimited - most famous for being the company from the reality show, Making Monsters. It represents a unique character not seen in the film: Hillary Clinton, one of the 2016 United States presidential candidates.

Unfortunately, although a mask has been constructed, hands have not been made available. One suggestion is to wear driving gloves or otherwise obscure your hands to keep up the illusion, even though Hillary is not known to wear them herself. Most wearers will find it easiest and most relevant to study the outfits Hillary wore during his presidential campaign. However, as Hillary Clinton is a real person, the wearer can also wear outfits she was known to wear when she was the first lady of the United States in the 1990s.

A couple can go as both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton; they may show their political standing by having either one of the candidates and alien and the other a human (maybe even wearing the sunglasses that identify the aliens in the movie), or if they dislike both candidates, dress up as each being aliens. Another option is to wear this mask along with a regular They Live alien mask as her secret service agent.

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