The They Live Alien Mask is a scary mask to wear for Halloween. Officially licensed by Universal Studios, the mask was sculpted by Russ Lukich of Trick or Treat Studios and it is manufactured by Distortions Unlimited - most famous for being the company from the reality show, Making Monsters. It represents one of the aliens disguised as the world's elites from the cult classic 1988 movie They Live, that use subliminal messages across media to cull and even control the masses.

Unfortunately, although a mask has been constructed, hands have not been made available. One suggestion is to wear driving gloves or otherwise obscure your hands to keep up the illusion. Beyond this, you get quite a bit of creativity with the costume. As there are no individual They Live aliens in the movie, the wearer can choose to wear anything that gives the idea of being a member of the financial elite. Business suits or pantsuits are a great idea and if you do not already own one, you can find many suit pieces in local thrift stores. To complete the look, you should wear a watch to act as your secret communicator watch. If anyone stares at your costume, you can add to your illusion by staring at them, lifting your watch to your mouth and stating, "We've got one that can see."

A more advanced way to customize the outfit is to gently pry the wig attached to the head off and replace it with a different wig, thus making your alien unique from any others. This can be doubled by having a group of people all going as the The Live aliens and each replaces the hair with their own new wig.

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