Tiffany in doll form.

Tiffany Ray (née Valentine) is a fictional horror character. She is a later addition to the Child's Play series, featuring as a secondary antagonist in Bride of Chucky, Seed of Chucky, and a short appearance in Curse of Chucky. She is played (in human form) and voiced (in doll form) by Jennifer Tilly.

List of known victims

  • Robert Bailey: Throat slashed.
  • Diane: Eviscerated by falling glass from a glass ceiling.
  • Russ: Eviscerated by falling glass from a glass ceiling.
  • RV Owners: Shot in the head by Tiffany and/or Chucky. Offscreen.
  • Tony Gardner: Decapitated by Wire with Chucky.
  • Redman: Gutted with a Knife.
  • Jennifer Tilly: Soul imprisoned in Tiffany (doll)'s dead body.
  • Fulvia: Head bashed in, cracking her skull.
  • Officer Stanton: Throat slit with Nail File.
  • Asylum Guard: Throat slit.


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