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Twitches Too is a live-action TV movie that first aired in the United States on the Disney Channel on October 12, 2007. It is a sequel to the 2005 TV movie Twitches. In common with Twitches, it is rated TV-PG.


Coventry is with Queen Miranda in King Aron's study, telling his portrait how much she misses him. When she emerges, she is followed by a shadow. She waves her hand and a wall appears, concealing the door. In the Earth dimension, Camryn makes a mess when she tries to magically put dishes into a dishwasher. Alex is living with them because she is going to Waverly University. Karsh and Ileana show up and announce they are getting married and that Miranda wants to see them. Alex does not go because she does not want to miss class but Camryn goes. Carmyn meets a handsome man named Demitri. She believes him to be a prince, but it turns out that he is not; he is a powerless kitchen servant. At school, Alex meets Marcus, who is Camryn's ex-boyfriend. He mistakes her for Camryn until Beth informs him otherwise. Both Alex and Camryn have been receiving signs that their father is alive in the Shadowlands. Miranda believes that Thantos is becoming powerful again and wants the girls to use a vanquishing spell during an eclipse, when their powers will be at their strongest. If they perform the spell, everything in the Shadowlands will be destroyed. Alex does not want to do it and mistakenly brings back Thantos. He goes off to destroy Aron's Shadow. Camryn and Alex follow, and when Thantos takes Aron back to Coventry, everyone is locked out. Demitri helps them get into the castle. When asked how, he reveals that Miranda gave him his powers back. Together as one, Camryn, Alex, and Miranda bring Aron back and Aron defeats Thantos. The movie ends with Karsh and Ileana's wedding. Everyone is there. David and Emily, their housekeeper, even Beth and Marcus. Camryn and Demitri share a loving look. Then she waves to Beth while Marcus and Alex wink at each other. Marcus whispers to Beth, "I can't believe you're not more freaked out about this." Beth looks around Coventry. Karsh and Ileana exchange rings and Aron and Miranda pronounce them husband and wife. They kiss and have the reception. The movie ends with the twins, Iliana, Karsh, Miranda and Aron, all saying, "Go Twitches, Go Twitches."

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