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  • I live in Portland, OR
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My Pinhead figure behind this jack o lantern

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I'm wearing the Pennywise shirt


Creepy gothic artwork of Sephiroth!


Halloween is my favorite Holiday, so i'm glad to be part of this, especially since I'm doing a Halloween movie month.

Jack o lanterns with the faces of Pinhead, Jason, Michael, Freddy, Sam, and Jack.

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WoW Pumpkin Icon

little pumpkin


Kirby Halloween

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Goosebumps 2 and Halloween

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Scary video game villains! (Sephiroth, Nightmare, Masked Mage / Dark Lich, Jack, Ganon, and Bowser)


Even my favorite video game, Final Fantasy VII, can be fun for Halloween!


My Slappy Dummy

More About Me


webs arround Halloween decorations

My real name is Nick, I was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, I lived there until I was 14, I currently live in Portland, Oregon with my family, Halloween has always been my favorite holiday, I trick or treated every year until I was 15, I'm currently in my early twenties, but I still dress up, and go to parties on October 31st, and I do this thing called Halloween movie month, and it's filled with all my interests, Halloween, Hellraiser, Tim Burton movies, and more. When it's not Halloween I celebrate other holidays of course, and I do have other interests, for example I'm a huge fan of Kirby and Final Fantasy VII. Halloween is still my #1 favorite time of the year, and I usually start getting excited for Halloween again as early as July! I love Halloween that much!

Halloween Each Year


Jack Skellington Gif


Pinhead Gif

Every year on October 31st, I wake up at 6am, that's how excited I am, I normally stay home from school on Halloween, and I have a marathon, it normally lasts from 7am to 4pm, I wear my costume while doing the NIGHTmarathon with food such as pumpkin pie, candy, and more. My family makes the same thing for dinner every Halloween, Macoroni and Cheese, Hot Dogs, and Green Beans, I don't know why, but it's always been that way, after dinner, we carve the pumpkins, I love how they smell, my mom likes to bake the seeds afterwards, once night comes, me and my brother go out into the night. I take him Trick-or-treating, go to a Halloween party, and I eat all of the left over candy for the trick or treaters.

My Costumes

Here's a list of everything I was for Halloween:

Halloween Movie Nightmarathon

Here's a gallery of all the marathon's I had on Halloween:






Kirby AMW - This is Halloween

Kirby AMW - This is Halloween

John Carpenter - HALLOWEEN Theme

John Carpenter - HALLOWEEN Theme

Sally's Song - Amy Lee

Sally's Song - Amy Lee

The Time Warp

The Time Warp

Love Song For A Vampire

Love Song For A Vampire

Say My Name Candyman Trailer version music

Say My Name Candyman Trailer version music


GACKT - REDEMPTION - FF7 Ver. English subs


Puzzle 1595345815596

My main pic is a collage of my favorite Kirby and Final Fantasy characters! Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede, FFVII's Cloud Strife, FFVIII's Squall Leonhart, and FFIX's Zidane Tribal!

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