I research, write and create educational materials, for publish on both my website where they are freely available, or in ebook form or bundles, for my digital publishers, where I have a large client base.

Come Halloween and other major holidays, I find as an educator, that worksheets and activities hold the attention of the learners for a lot longer if they are themed to that specific holiday.

I have just recently created hundreds of new worksheets from Pre-K to grade 7, and would love to share them. Uploading will take a while, so we'll start one at a time :) These worksheets are all made utilising public domain clipart, and simple exercises that are curriculum-based and age-appropriate with a focus on all of the core subjects required in a conventional school.

I will attach a selection of them here. If you have children, you will immediately notice the benefit of downloading and printing a wad of worksheets. Not only will they educate and entertain, but the simple activity of working with the theme will excite the children in anticipation of the festivities.

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