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Ah, Halloween. What other holiday has such a liberating effect on the average Joe? For one day a year, people throw crazy parties (no matter what day of the week it is), give and receive tasty treats, and dress up in outrageous costumes that rightfully can be interpreted as true displays of our individuality.

It’s kinda fun to scare people, too.

Wikia would like to throw a crazy party of its own and we’re inviting the entire community. But be warned: You have to come in costume! Specifically, we’d like you to “dress up” your wiki for Halloween. What exactly do we mean by that? Give your wiki a holiday-themed makeover by adding a custom skin (one that captures not only the spirit of Halloween, but the fun/theme/uniqueness of your particular community), a seasonal Word mark, giving every element on your home page a spooky “feel”… the skies the limit!

And this is more than your average party, mind you. It’s an actual contest! On the afternoon of Oct. 31, Wikia staff will hand-pick one wiki who we’ve deemed to have the best costume. The winning wiki (announced on Nov. 1) will receive cover story promotion (the revolving marquee at the top of the page) on the Entertainment, Video Games and Lifestyle hubs, as well as one month’s worth of promotion in the coveted Wikia Spotlights.

So if you’re interested in participating, let us know by leaving the name and URL of your wiki in the comments below. Remember to discuss this with and get approval from your community before signing up. (Or, if you’re the admin/founder, you can just sign up straight-away.) Wikis are encouraged to put their “costumes” up as soon as possible and leave them up for the entire month of October. But they absolutely MUST be up by 8 a.m. EST on Wednesday, Oct. 31 in order to be considered for the contest.

Good luck… and have a Happy Halloween!

Check out the competition

For an example of wiki costuming, check out the wikis that have entered so far!

  • Bin Weevils WikiGo to Bin Weevils Wiki
  • Anything Pirates WikiGo to Anything Pirates Wiki
  • My Virtual Kingdom WikiGo to My Virtual Kingdom Wiki
  • MSArmoury WikiGo to MSArmoury Wiki
  • Motor Storm WikiGo to Motor Storm Wiki
  • Metal Slug WikiGo to Metal Slug Wiki
  • Mega Roleplay WikiGo to Mega Roleplay Wiki
  • Lady Gaga Ate My Turtle WikiGo to Lady Gaga Ate My Turtle Wiki
  • Join MoonClan WikiGo to Join MoonClan Wiki
  • Guide to Magica WikiGo to Guide to Magica Wiki
  • Girlsforever WikiGo to Girlsforever Wiki
  • Fossil Fighters Fan Fic WikiGo to Fossil Fighters Fan Fic Wiki
  • Your Universe WikiGo to Your Universe Wiki
  • Eternal Sonata WikiGo to Eternal Sonata Wiki
  • Demon Lords WikiGo to Demon Lords Wiki
  • DC Comics DatabaseGo to DC Comics Database
  • Clone WikiGo to Clone Wiki
  • CherryGhostal Recordings WikiGo to CherryGhostal Recordings Wiki
  • The Angry Beavers WikiGo to The Angry Beavers Wiki
  • All Birds WikiGo to All Birds Wiki
  • A High School Rockstar WikiGo to A High School Rockstar Wiki
  • Alvin and the Chipmunks Fan Music WikiGo to Alvin and the Chipmunks Fan Music Wiki
  • Angry Birds Fanon WikiGo to Angry Birds Fanon Wiki
  • Ella the Moose WikiGo to Ella the Moose Wiki
  • Grandia WikiGo to Grandia Wiki
  • Habbo WikiGo to Habbo Wiki
  • Hakistan WikiGo to Hakistan Wiki
  • Team Fortress 2 WikiGo to Team Fortress 2 Wiki
  • Lucky Fred WikiGo to Lucky Fred Wiki
  • The Munsters WikiGo to The Munsters Wiki
  • NSW Trains WikiGo to NSW Trains Wiki
  • PotterpediaGo to Potterpedia
  • Star Cars WikiGo to Star Cars Wiki
  • Lion King New Series WikiGo to Lion King New Series Wiki
  • The Chronicles of Drakoa WikiGo to The Chronicles of Drakoa Wiki
  • Dynasty Warriors Online WikiGo to Dynasty Warriors Online Wiki
  • Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja WikiGo to Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja Wiki
  • Alisha's Roleplay WikiGo to Alisha's Roleplay Wiki
  • Pirates of the Caribbean Online WikiGo to Pirates of the Caribbean Online Wiki
  • Inside the Mind WikiGo to Inside the Mind Wiki
  • Ultimate's WikiGo to Ultimate's Wiki
  • Warrior Cat Clans RP WikiGo to Warrior Cat Clans RP Wiki
  • Dog With A Blog WikiGo to Dog With A Blog Wiki
  • Final Fantasy WikiGo to Final Fantasy Wiki
  • Fusion A Glee Club Fan Fiction WikiGo to Fusion A Glee Club Fan Fiction Wiki
  • League of Legends WikiGo to League of Legends Wiki
  • My Little Pony Friendship is Magic WikiGo to My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Wiki
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL WikiGo to Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL Wiki
  • Angry Birds WikiGo to Angry Birds Wiki
  • Club Penguin WikiGo to Club Penguin Wiki
  • My Pokemon Wiki|My Pokemon WikiGo to
  • Final Fantasy AnswersGo to Final Fantasy Answers
  • Fossil Fighters WikiGo to Fossil Fighters Wiki
  • Toontown WikiGo to Toontown Wiki
  • Sonic News NetworkGo to Sonic News Network
  • LEGO Universe Stories WikiGo to LEGO Universe Stories Wiki
  • League of Legends PH WikiGo to League of Legends PH Wiki
  • MUGEN DatabaseGo to MUGEN Database
  • Mythology WikiGo to Mythology Wiki
  • PokemonFanfic And fossil fighters to! WikiGo to PokemonFanfic And fossil fighters to! Wiki
  • Call of Duty WikiGo to Call of Duty Wiki
  • Halo NationGo to Halo Nation
  • Jurassic Park WikiGo to Jurassic Park Wiki
  • Lego Superheroes WikiGo to Lego Superheroes Wiki
  • Twinny Somethings WikiGo to Twinny Somethings Wiki
  • Alliance of Valiant Arms WikiGo to Alliance of Valiant Arms Wiki
  • Nitrome WikiGo to Nitrome Wiki
  • Merlin WikiGo to Merlin Wiki
  • The Runescape WikiGo to The Runescape Wiki
  • Batman 60's TV WikiGo to Batman 60's TV Wiki
  • NFS World WikiGo to NFS World Wiki
  • Nintendo WikiGo to Nintendo Wiki
  • Might and Magic WikiGo to Might and Magic Wiki
  • Pirates of the Caribbean WikiGo to Pirates of the Caribbean Wiki

The contest is now CLOSED! Please come back tomorrow to see the winner!

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