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The Halloween film series staring Michael Myers is one of the most iconic horror franchises ever! 2 years ago, I ranked the Hellraiser film series, now I'll do Halloween since both are my favorite horror franchises ever, so lets take a look!

  • #11: Halloween: Resurrection: I hate this movie, I freaking HATE this movie! It's so stupid! First it kills off Laurie, then Michael goes after a bunch of kids on a reality TV show! I'm so glad this film is no longer canon now!
  • #9: Halloween II (2009 movie): What a mess. Did Rob Zombie's remake really need a sequel? I also hate how unlikable Loomis and Laurie are in this one. Also, Hobo Michael is not a good design.
  • #7: Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers: Yeah as great as Danielle Harris is, I'm not a big fan of the Halloween movies that feature Jamie Lloyd. Although this one is the least terrible because it at least has a decent plot and good scares, after all, I had it on my movie month back in 2018.
  • #6: Halloween (2007 movie): I don't think Rob Zombie is a bad guy, I think he tried with this, and the final result is... Okay. My only problem with it is it makes Michael look like a generic serial killer, but it's all right, I like this one. It's okay.
  • #5: Halloween III: Season of the Witch: People always bash this one because Michael isn't in it, but if you ignore that, this is not a bad movie! What Silver Shamrock is trying to do in this movie is actually terrifying, and I don't know, I always have a soft spot for the black sheep in any franchise.
  • #4: Halloween II (1981 movie): Pretty good, I love that it takes place the same night as part 1, except in a hospital. Definitely a spooky setting for a Halloween movie. Of course, in this one, it's revealed that Michael and Laurie are siblings, which isn't that scary, but whatever.
  • #3: Halloween H20: 20 Years Later: This one is fun to watch, very fun. Although it reminds me too much of Scream. This used to be my 2nd favorite, but the next one on the list made the Michael and Laurie reunion better than this one's version.
  • #2: Halloween (2018 movie): In this one, everything got reckoned, even Halloween II, so here, Michael and Laurie are not siblings, which I think is scarier! I'm so pleased with how good this was! The plot was also great, Halloween 2018 was a fresh new start!
  • #1: Halloween (1978 movie): The classic original is still the best and scariest in the Halloween series! Jamie Lee Curtis is amazing as Laurie, along with Dr. Loomis. Of course Michael Myers himself, scary as usual. This movie is such a classic, I watch it every October!

Of course, there are two more films coming soon! Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends. Where will they rank? Well, when I get around to see them, I'll answer that question.

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