Vampire (H2)

Vampires are an undead unit associated with the Necropolises of Enroth, serving as a fourth tier unit in the video game Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Succession Wars. They can be recruited in Necropolis towns once the Mansion has been built, and can be upgraded later into Vampire Lords.

Vampires are the Necromancers' first available flying unit, with the only other one being their ultimate creatures, the Bone Dragons. This ability to fly allows them to ignore obstacles on the terrain and move directly to their intended spot. They also negate any possible retaliation from targets, which is a useful ability, especially against Griffins with their unlimited retaliations. Even so, they have defense and hit point stats comparable to the third tier Mummies, and a player must be careful to avoid traveling to areas where they may become overwhelmed.

Vampire Lord

Vampire Lord (H2)

When their mansion structure is upgraded, subsequent vampires to buy will instead be replaced with vampire lords, while existing vampires can be upgraded for a price in that specific town, whether they were recruited from that town or not.

The upgrade increases their initiative (allowing them to act earlier) and toughness (hit points), but the creature's real gem is their ability to regain their own lost hit points simply by damaging another creature. This is so great that they can even resurrect Vampire Lords of that stack slain during that battle simply by having the HP they absorb spill over into another (deceased) Vampire Lord's pool. Keep in mind however that unlike Ghosts which gain more numbers for every creature they slay, Vampire Lords cannot exceed the initial number of Vampire Lords that entered at the beginning of combat, and may only replenish those lost during that combat. Even so, they can be one of the Necropolis' most valuable units to field.

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