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Key art of Vincent from Final Fantasy VII

Vincent Valentine is a recurring character in The Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, appearing in every game and movie in the series -- Final Fantasy VII, Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII, Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII, and Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children; in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, Zack Fair finds Vincent sleeping in his coffin; since Final Fantasy VII Remake specifically focuses on the Midgar portion of the original game, he does not appear in the game, however, he is presumed to reappear in part 2 of the Final Fantasy VII Remake. He is a fan favorite in the Final Fantasy VII segment of the Final Fantasy metaverse, but also one of the favorite playable characters in the entire franchise.


Vincent is a pale skinned, red eyed person with what looks like a cybernetic arm (it is in fact a gauntlet), Vincent is considered as mysterious as he is interesting.


He notably sleeps in a coffin and possesses other vampiric traits although he is revealed to not be one, much to the party's relief, though he is easily the oldest member of the party, because he was born on October 13, 1950 (which was a Friday the 13th), making him 57 years old during the events of Final Fantasy VII, but he has the appearance of a 27 year old man. This is due to his immortality. He was also in love with the woman who would come to be Sephiroth's mother, Lucrecia Crescent. Vincent wasn't always like this though. He became this way after confronting Professor Hojo (The biological father of Sephiroth) about experimenting on his unborn son with Jenova cells. In retaliation, Hojo shoots Vincent and experiments on his half dead body, turning him into an immortal mutant.

Near the end of the game when Cloud and his party return to Midgar to stop Hojo from making Sephiroth more powerful, Vincent finally gets revenge on Hojo.

As a Sephiroth Clone like other heroes such as SOLDIERs Cloud Strife and Zack Fair, Vincent has the genes of the alien creature Jenova inside of him; in his case this allows him to transform into vicious beasts in combat; unfortunately he loses all sense of holding back and he will go berserk in all forms. Many of these forms relate to Halloween: While his Galian Beast form is based on the series' Behemoth monsters and his Chaos form appears to be based on Final Fantasy I's final boss (although is also a Demon), his Death Gigas is based on Frankenstein's monster and his Hellmasker is a combination of Jason Voorhees and Leatherface.

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