Ron wand

Ronald Weasley's wand from the Harry Potter stories.

A wand is a device for focusing magic. As such, it is a part of many mystical costumes. Witches, wizards, fairies, warlocks and others may use wands.

Making a wand

One of the most common mistakes in making a wand is to make it too long. For example, Harry Potter's original wand was only eleven inches long. (For safety purposes, keep this in mind. Do you really want a bunch of seven year olds running around in the dark with long sticks?)

Traditional wands were made of wood. A wooden dowel can be shortened to the right length and stained or painted the preferred color. Wands can also be made out of ivory, or the modern versions, plastic. If you don't want to make your own, there are commercial sites where you can buy a wand.

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