"Though having more hits than Skeletons, Zombies have a low Defense and speed."

Zombie (H2) Map Sprite
Zombie (H2)

Zombies are an undead unit associated with the Necropolis faction as the second tier unit in the video game Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Restoration of Erathia and its expansion, The Price of Loyalty. They can be recruited by a player in possession of a Necromancer town by building a graveyard. Like all other undead units in the game, they are immune to any and all mind-affecting spells, as well as Bless and Curse, as well as always possessing neutral morale.

Zombies, while surprisingly durable for a tier 2 species and despite having comparably high attack power, they are unfortunately very slow, making them nearly useless without the utilization of such spells as Haste or Teleport. They are so slow that they are not even great at defending ranged units without preemptively moving them into this place early before foes arrive.

They can eventually be upgraded into Mutant Zombies.

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