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This look is inspired by Sebastian Bieniek Double Face Photo series My Viewer Rita sent me an e-mail requesting me to do a Tutorial on the look since it would be Affordable, Unique and Easy to do for Halloween. I'll be showing you guys how to draw another face on the side of your face. I don't think You need to be an Artist to pull this off... If you draw a simple face it still can turn heads !!! You all need to try this out and Freak People but Plz Don't strain your eye when you draw the face on the side so I recommend having someone draw it on you or take small breaks in between) P.s Since some of you commented that you missed my videos without voiceover, Your wish has been granted. Let me know which you prefer in the comments below

Products I used : Bh Cosmetics Eyebrow Pencil Urban Decay Brown Shadow Mehron White and Red face Paint Mica Gel Eyeliner Obsessive compulsive White Pigment Wet n wild Eyeliner Lilac Blush Bh Cosmetics Ardell Lashes bareminerals Eyeshadow Collection Palette

Blue Metallic Brushes :

Thanks for watching :)



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